Grand canyon West Rim - GRAND CANYON SKYWALK - Hoover Dam - Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

​​​​​​We operate public tours to Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon West Rim

What Makes Us Special and/or Different?
Our Timing & Our Guides



We do more in less time than ANY other tour company.

Only 7 pick-up locations might not sound like a benefit at first but when you realize we are saving at least an  hour each way for pick-ups and drop offs you see the genius of 7 pick-ups.   Our customer say they would gladly get to their pick-up  point (like getting to a show) than to spend 2 or 3 extra hours on the bus. 

We also do not take our people you to another location and unload them off one bus to sign them in and reload onto another bus.   The purpose of doing this for other companies it to collect a fuel surcharge and wait for all the buses to get in from every casino in town.   ​


Our Guides 

Other companies use driver/guides.  We us step-on guides & designated drivers.

Our guides really make these tours special. When other companies talk about their guides they are talking about their drivers who also double as the tour guide. 95% of the time we use a designated driver and a step-on guide. The only time we use a driver/guide is when we have less than 20 passengers; when that happens passengers get a free upgrade to one of our smaller more intimate vehicles like our  27 passenger 2014 Ford or our 16 passenger 2014 Mercedes Sprinter. (This is an awesome upgrade since smaller tours in our Sprinter usually sell for $240 per person on their own.)

Just the fact that we include guides is special but add to that our guides are trained by comedians to be knowledgeable, fun and interactive and you have a GREAT DAY.Our guides go through extensive and continual training. Our Hoover Dam experience is far, far, far more comprehensive than any other Hoover Dam tour period.

Hoover Dam - Our guides give a 45 minute fully guided walk over the top of Hoover Dam where they learn about the concrete, high-scalers, intake towers,outlet works, wages,rumors, deaths other company does this.  It's our signature tour and it's called "A Walk on the Top".  

Grand Canyon - Our guides will entertain as they give instructions on timing,where to go and what to see. They will also tell you facts and trivia about the grand canyon, the surrounding areas, the Hualapai tribe and Las Vegas history.

While guides engage passengers to keep them from the usual boring ride, designated drivers can focus on the road which is a safer ride because they aren't distracted by passengers asking questions.


Pick-ups start at 6:05 AM for the Grand Canyon and 7:25 for Hoover Dam.

Locations are:  
 Golden Nugget Hotel (1st St Tour Lobby)  
Stratosphere Hotel (North Door Tour Lobby)

Circus Circus Hotel (Front Door Side Under the Clown Sign) 
Treasure Island Hotel (Sirens Cove Street Tour Lobby)  

Bally's Hotel (North Door Tour Lobby - Near the Rio Shuttle) 

Monte Carlo (Valet Tour Lobby)

Excalibur Hotel (Back of Hotel / Tour Rotunda) 

Customers must confirm their tour or change ther pick-up location at least 12 hours prior to departure (so they do not miss the bus).

We do not stop at every location everyday.  We only stop where we have confirmed passengers.