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 BUS TOUR PRICE + $189 if you purchase before your tour day = $358 

BUS TOUR PRICE + $199 if purchased on your tour bus = $368

Grand Canyon West Rim       Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon     Helicopter Tours

The best way to fully experience Grand Canyon West Rim is by land and air.  The bus trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon is the land portion and once at the Grand Canton West Rim you'll take a thrilling helicopter tour to see it all from the sky. You can hear and feel the rotation of the blades as this incredible tour gives breathtaking views. Includes 2 meals, a hot breakfast around 7:30 AM and lunch at the canyon. Also included is a photo stop of Hoover Dam, Guano Point, Eagle Point and the Indian Village.

Best of all, our drivers DO NOT double as tour guides. We take safety seriously so unlike other companies we have a driver and a step-on tour guide. 

Grand canyon West Rim - GRAND CANYON SKYWALK - Hoover Dam - Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon West Rim - with Helicopter Tour​

Includes: Designated Driver & Step-on Tour Guide, Bus Tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon,

Helicopter Tour at the Grand Canyon West Rim, 2-Meals (Hot Breakfast & Lunch), Back Early (about 5:00 PM).