Hoover Dam  VIP & Express

See the Grand Canyon Skywalk at the Grand Canyon West Rim & the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge by Hoover Dam

Hoot & Hoover Dam 

Make your Hoover Dam Tour fun, add a professional comedian as your guide. Stop at the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge & Las Vegas Sign.

Hoot & Hoover Dam Tour

Grand Canyon West Rim

Visit the Grand Canyon West Rim on a fun bus.  Jet with us from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon and enjoy the natural beauty & it's home to the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Bus & Heli Canyon Tour

Our quality tours are the best way to go from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon West Rim is 150 miles from Las Vegas so sit back and leave the driving to us. Only the very brave to a chance standing on a glass bridge hanging over the edge 4000' above the canyon floor on Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Canyon Bus & Helicopter

Take our bus, Las Vegas to Grand Canyon then hop on a thrilling  helicopter ride.  View the Grand Canyon West Rim and Grand Canyon Skywalk  from ground & air.

Grand canyon West Rim - GRAND CANYON SKYWALK - Hoover Dam - Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

Live Life On The Edge 

Grand Canyon West Rim VIP

Ultimate Hoover Dam Tour

Step-on guide, Bypass bridge photo stop, fully guided walk over the top of Hoover Dam and a hot lunch.

Grand Canyon Skywalk as it sits over the edge of the Grand Canyon West Rim